Hit East One-way ticket to somewhere…

Hillside villa / Vila vilaitė

April 11, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Next morning we’re picked up by a small green car driven by Feli, a Tenerife German since she’s five. Feli is our first Couchsurfing host, welcoming us to stay at her father’s marvellous villa. The house is really impressive – just like the Spanish villas you see in the pictures, with a large kitchen and a dinning area with breathtaking views both during the day and at night. And all around the house are 6000 square meters of wild garden, … Continue reading

Cloud forests / Debesų miškai

April 7, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

We’re awoken by lots of noise – people shouting, cars, loud music; its 9am on a Sunday, what on earth is going on? Its not even a hot and sunny day (we’re starting to think those don’t exist at 1200 meters above the sea). Turns out, all of this activity is due to a mountain bike race! These Canarians just don’t know how to enjoy a lazy day at home (outside of siesta hours :). And when it comes to … Continue reading

Back to the nature / Atgal į gamtą

April 6, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

We’re up in the morning with the decision already made – today we’re going back to the camp site. We ignore the grey clouds covering most of the sky, but decide to invest in a pair of those disposable rain ponchos just in case. At the bus station we sit down for a cup of cortado (espresso with milk) and unexpectedly meet someone from back home. Its still a small world! Back at the camp everything seems to be the … Continue reading

Major breakthrough / Persilaužimas

April 4, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Curious to hear how we got on next? Well, we spent the rest of the wet day wrapped in sleeping bags, listening to the sound of the rain and only sticking our heads out to brew some tea. The tent was coping just fine and by the end of the day the rain ceased. We go to sleep with high hopes of waking up to a bright and dry morning. Like that was even a possibility! We wake up to … Continue reading

In the rain clouds / Lietaus debesyse

April 3, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

In the middle of the first night it started to rain! And it rained for many long hours, keeping us wide awake throughout the night with the constant bombardment of rain drops pounding the roof of our tent. We also wondered how well this tent will handle its first rain test. But it did a great job! Instead we were left disappointed with the sleeping bags, which advertised comfort temperature of +10C, but we found them to be mildly uncomfortable … Continue reading

First day camping / Pirma stovyklavimo diena

April 2, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

When the time came to leave the comfy IKEA flat and head off to the campsite, I couldn’t help wondering how long it’ll be before I sleep in a nice bed again. And when the bus slowly made its way further and further up the mountain towards the grey clouds, and then straight into them, the whole camping idea became substantially less attractive. From up here I could still see the sunny coast town of Puerto de la Cruz and … Continue reading