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Weaving girl

September 15, 2012 | India | Permalink

Another sunny Sunday morning in Manali. We have slow breakfast in a cafe and go for a stroll to the original Manali village a little further up the hill from the main tourist hangout. Just 10 minutes later we are out of the area of fancy organic-everything cafes and bakeries, ambient / Shiva lounge / reggae music and many colourful lights. Instead, we’re surrounded by unique traditional Himachali wooden houses, cows slowly ruminating in the shade and local women crouching … Continue reading

In the air! / Skrendu…!

September 1, 2012 | India | Permalink

Preparations on top of the hill. The instructor casually unpacks the parachute, attaches me to the seat and explains how to make myself comfortable once we’re in the air. I’m nervous, borderlining fear, he doesn’t even mention it. Gerda appears to be going through the same. I know this will be good, I already feel the rush coming on. When suddenly we start for the edge of the mountain, the world follows in slow-motion. A moment later my feet leave … Continue reading

Ramadan in Kashmir

July 30, 2012 | India | Permalink

Jammu and Kashmir, the northern-most state of India, is officially home to 3 major ethnic groups. The state capital during summer months is in Srinagar, located in Kashmir valley, mountains away, while during the winter it relocates to Jammu, situated on the base of the Himalaya mountains. We reached Jammu early in the morning, but in contrast to the majority of others boarding jeeps for Srinigar right outside the train station, we headed for a guest house. It seemed wise … Continue reading

Delhi – noise, crowds and pollution

July 22, 2012 | India | Permalink

Delhi greeted us warmly with 40+C heat, air and ground covered in layers of dust and annoying salesmen. Piles of rubbish, stinking away in the sun, decorating the street corners. The holy cows of India, their coat covered in a collection of patches of dung, strolled around casually in between anthills of people, helping themselves to delicious pickings from the rotting piles. It occurs to me that a farmer’s cow in Lithuanian lowlands enjoys a much higher quality of life … Continue reading

Delio šiukšlynas

July 21, 2012 | India | Permalink

Delis mus pasitiko 40 laipsniu karsciu, ore ir ant zemes tvyranciomis dulkemis ir ikyriais prekeiviais. Gatviu kampuose dvoke karstyje svinkstancios siuksles, o sventosios Indijos karves “apipaskudintais” sonais trynesi tarp milijonu indu ir knisosi tose paciose prasvinkusiose siukslese. Rodos Zalmarge Lietuvos kaime yra zymiai labiau vertinama, mylima ir turi aukstesne gyvenimo kokybe nei jos “sventoji” pussesere Indijoje. Musu paciu nuostabai, Delis nesokiravo. Pamateme, tai, ka pagal cia buvusiu keliautoju pasakojimus, ir tikejomes rasti. Kulturinio soko isvengeme kaip ir zymiojo “Delhi belly” … Continue reading