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66 days in Tenerife / 66 dienos Tenerifėj

May 29, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

In traditional Tenerifean attire

Now that we’re back in Europe proper, its time to summarise some of our achievements in Tenerife. We hope this will inspire some of you to go there too :) You won’t regret it! And massive greetings and thanks to all our readers and commenters over the last many months! Hope you enjoyed at least some of the stuff here :) Till next time! Total number of days in Tenerife – 66 Rainy days – 2 Sunny days – 60 … Continue reading

On the mountain ridge / Kalnų briaunomis

May 14, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

View to La Gomera

Slowly but with firm determination we traverse one village after another – El Palmar, Las Lagunetas, Las Portelas. Then its a really steep hike up the mountain, but about half an hour later we reap the rewards of fabulous views. From the top of the Cumbre del Charrizal pass we see it all – the sharp and naked mountain slopes of the Carrizales valley on one side and the fertile, deep green valley of El Palmar on the other. The … Continue reading

Hiking in Teno / Pasivaikščiojimas po Teno

May 11, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Teno landscape

Yesterday we spent the entire day in the lush shade of the palm trees, reading books, going over the travel plans for the next week and pondering some filosofical ideas that have accumulated in our heads recently. We probably couldn’t have found a more suitable place for reading Masanobu Fukuoka’s excellent book on natural farming “The One-Straw Revolution” – the palm leaves above our head were full of birds, the active lizards were chasing one another through the dry grass, … Continue reading

Camping in the flower fields / Palapinė tarp gėlių

May 7, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Last two days were spent in Puerto Cruz, enjoying the standard pleasures of Babylon: hot water, Internet access, croissants and red wine in a restaurant facing a busy square. And of course swimming in the old harbor, which once was the busiest on the entire island and used by ships passing between Europe and the Americas. Today the fun is over though, we pack our bags and set off for another public campsite. Fingers crossed, 500m above sea level the … Continue reading

House in the barranco / Namelis kalnuose

May 5, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

An abandoned finca

Mr Y took us with him when he migrated up to his mountain residence. Its a very small old house, completely hidden under a dense web of bushes and orange, avocado, fig and loquat (also known as nisboro) fruit trees. The last one of those I’ve not even heard of before, but it proved to be delicious :) In the candlelight evenings we listened to Mr Y’s stories about the earlier days of this village and the last locals who … Continue reading

The cave / Nakvynė oloj

May 2, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

View from the cave

Sounds intriguing? We think so too :) We met one really interesting guy, who doesn’t want to be mentioned, so we’ll call him Mr Y. Mr Y was very kind to invite us to stay at his holiday residence – a cave on the seashore. The cave has a long history of human occupation, originally used by the native Canarian inhabitants, the Guanches, years and years before the Spannish set their foot on the island. The amenities in the cave … Continue reading