Hit East One-way ticket to somewhere…

El Teide

April 29, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

On the way to El Teide

Today is a big day. Everything is already arranged, the car hire and the meeting time and place. I wash my face with cold water in an attempt to awaken my sleepy body for the challenge of might and stamina ahead. Today we’re climbing the Teide peak, the highest point in Spain. This however didn’t affect yesterday’s evening, as we sat around the dancing fire till two in the morning, sipping wine with our Hungarian fellows :) But today can’t … Continue reading

Life at the tomato plantation / Gyvenimas pomidorų plantacijoje

April 28, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Outdoor living room

After three days of camping near the Red Mountain (Montana Roja), we’re ready for our next adventure. After hearing stories of life in an abandoned hacienda in the middle of nowhere, with no running water or electricity, we’re very much intrigued and decide to visit this “hippie heaven” ourselves. We’re met by the friendly “owner”, who kindly shows us around and concludes along the lines of “you’re welcome to stay as long as you like and use anything you see … Continue reading

Sausages / Dešrelės

April 21, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Grilled sausages!

Today our simple dwelling received guests – Richard and Kaja. It goes without saying the first thing we do is go for a splash in the blue waves, soak in the sun and enjoy a glass of Sangria. But the main attraction of the evening is home-grilled sausages! And they were incredibly delicious! All you get to enjoy are Richard’s great photos though :) Also, this same evening we left our cosy cliff-side campsite and journeyed over the mountains back … Continue reading

Heavenly routine / Rutina rojuje

April 20, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Crab chilling on a rock

I open my eyes around 8am. While I could easily just roll over and sing back into the dreamland, I decide to get up and go outside. This is my favourite part of the day. I sit down comfortably on a rock in our “kitchen” and enjoy the cool breeze from the sea (the sun is still behind the mountain), while gazing sleepily at the rolling waves. And so till about 9:30am. Then, we cook porridge for breakfast and immediately … Continue reading

Camping on a beach / Stovyklaujam paplūdimyje

April 15, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Zygis in our open-air seaside kitchen

Today we leave Costa Adeje and make our way to the unofficial campsite on the seashore near the small town of La Caleta. There waiting for us are several beaches (one of them populated by nudists) and several dozen tents scattered around on the mountain slopes. The fading colour of some of the tents suggests they’ve been here for weeks, if not months. We start building our tent in late afternoon, with the sun still mighty hot, and we’re sweaty … Continue reading

Surfing at Richard’s / Svečiuose pas Ričardą

April 14, 2013 | Tenerife | Permalink

Costa Adeje

When we finally escaped the rain and cold weather in the mountains and arrived in Costa Adeje, Richard met us with snacks and a bottle of Ron Miel – traditional Canarian rum with honey. Really delicious stuff! Costa Adeje – another tourist town on the south coast of the island, with no interesting sights and full of places selling beer for only €1 a glass. But for us, this was an oasis of heat! We spent days strolling around the … Continue reading